Privacy Policy

Swiss Academic Software GmbH

What We Collect and Why.

We require personally identifiable information to issue licenses, to provide support to users of Citavi Team, Pro, and Reader, and to send any newsletters you request. We will not use your personal information for any other purposes, such as advertising.


You Decide.

We don't share any information with third parties. Any information you share stays here, except as is required by law. We also don't use any surreptitious methods to collect data.


Your Data is Safe.

Addresses are sensitive personal information, and we treat them as such. All of our systems are protected by comprehensive intrusion protection and antivirus software.


Erase All Traces.

If you want us to delete the personal information we do have, just click here.



Excerpt from the End User License Agreement     

4. Privacy


You acknowledge that the Software connects to the servers of the information providers you select, in order to perform searches and download data, such as metadata, call numbers, cover art, and full texts.


You acknowledge that the Software connects to our servers for the following purposes:

(a) To check for updates to the Software.

(b) To re-route search queries to an information provider when a direct connection fails, and to receive the results from such queries. Your search queries and results are only retained for as long as is technically necessary to provide the results to you. They are never permanently saved or used for any other purpose.


You acknowledge that we must collect some personally identifiable information in order to issue a Personalized License Key. Your information will not be shared with any third parties under any circumstances, except with law enforcement officials as required by law, or as you explicitly request. We may communicate with you proactively in matters regarding your license, but will not use your information for advertising or other purposes, except as you explicitly request.

This personally identifiable information comprises:
a) The user's given and last names
b) The user's email address
c) The user's postal address if provided while ordering

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