Learn how to use the Citavi Picker for Firefox and Chrome in just 5 minutes.

The Citavi Picker helps you send information and sources you find online to your Citavi project:
websites, books, articles, PDF files, and quotations.

Adding a webpage: Add webpages (here: an online newspaper article) to your project with a single click and also save a copy of the webpage as a PDF.
Importing results and finding PDFs: After searching an online database (here: Google Scholar), import the results along with the full-text PDFs, where available.
Saving PDF documents: Send a PDF file from your browser to your Citavi project by right-clicking in Firefox or by using the panel in Chrome.
Adding books and journal articles: Click the Picker symbol next to an ISBN, DOI, or other ID to add books and journal articles to your project.
Saving content: Whenever you find abstracts, quotations, and keywords online, you can easily send them to your Citavi project.
Importing cited references: if a source you're importing cites other sources, Citavi will offer to import these cited references, too. Working with a cloud project? You can transfer your Picker imports even if Citavi isn't running.

Learn more in the Citavi Manual: www.citavi.com/picker

How to install the Pickers:
The Pickers are automatically installed when you install Citavi.
Using Edge? The Picker for Chrome can be used in the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge.
Having an issue with one of the Pickers? Troubleshoot with our FAQs:

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