Find Knowledge

Citavi combines reference management with knowledge organization. With Citavi you can search relevant research databases, library catalogs, and online sources. You can analyze texts, keep track of important findings, and organize this knowledge so it's easy to find again. Your knowledge stays in your organization and can be used by the entire team for years to come.

Work Together

Citavi gives you more options for teamwork than any other reference management program. Work on the same project with an unlimited number of colleagues, and achieve your goals together – across workgroups, departments, and continents. Citavi has a solution for every scenario and is available in seven languages.

Protect Your Insights

You decide where Citavi stores your information: on your PC, on a local network drive, on your organization's SQL server or in the cloud on servers in Germany. Citavi automatically creates backups to increase the security of your information.

With Citavi we can make each employee's knowledge permanently available to the entire company.

Nicolai Speker, Preliminary Development, Laser Processing Technology TRUMPF Machine Tools and Laser Technology

Analyze Knowledge

Have articles in your project? Citavi finds all available full text online and saves the PDFs in your project, where they can be used by the entire team. In Citavi's preview pane you can share the work of reading articles and saving quotations, abstracts, and comments. Even Office documents and images can be saved and analyzed.

Share Your Knowledge

Whether it's an annotated list of references, a presentation, handout, report, or submission to a journal in your discipline, with Citavi you can quickly and easily write whatever you want. Citavi integrates perfectly with MS Word and LaTeX editors.

Switch to Citavi!

Thinking about switching from another program to Citavi? Citavi offers many options for importing your old projects. If you created Word documents with EndNote, RefMan, or RefWorks, you can continue working on these documents with Citavi.

When we started searching for a new reference manager, it was hard to convince the other companies to make changes specific to our needs because they didn’t want to do it. Citavi was not only willing to accommodate our needs but were enthusiastic about it. They continue to support us with that same enthusiasm.

Chris Mason, Project and Document Management Specialist Camargo Pharmaceutical Services, LLC

Our Support Team is There When You Need It

We do everything we can to support our customers as quickly and effectively as possible. That's why over 98% of customers report they are happy with the support they received (based on over 1,000 responses).

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