Autumn Update to Citavi Web and Citavi Assistant

New Features

Citavi Assistant

  • A new tab called Chapters is added to enable users to view the references and knowledge items under a particular category.
  • Added the ability to select multiple references as one citation.
  • Added support in the knowledge section to display preview of the images (when selected) that are linked to core statements.

Bug Fixes

Citavi Web

  • Improved/reduced the PDF import time.


Citavi Assistant

  • Resolved an issue where the tick or mark symbol was not removed when the reference or knowledge item was removed in the Word.
  • Knowledge items and references are now inserted correctly without adding any unknown symbols.
  • Resolved an issue where multiple references added using Word Add-In were not synced in Citavi Assistant.
  • Fixed an issue where the Citavi Assistant automatically inserted a new style when the citation style was updated to an existing style.
  • Missing reference source information in the Knowledge tab has been fixed.
  • Subheadings for the Categories and Knowledge items are now exported correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect page numbers were added to the references when the knowledge items are exported with all the categories.
  • Images are now correctly exported in Citavi Assistant.
  • Fixed an issue where core statement style differed between Citavi Assistant and Word Add-In.

Created by: – Published on: 9/29/2022

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