Update to Citavi 6.2 Now Available

We just released an updated version of Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the new features and bug fixes listed below.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6.0 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all version 6 users. 

New and Improved Features

Recycle bin for deleted items

You can now restore deleted references, knowledge items, or tasks. Every Citavi project now contains an internal "recycle bin".

In your project, on the Edit menu, click Undo deletion.

Offline mode

Even if you are connected to the Internet, you can now choose to work on cloud projects in offline mode. This can be helpful if you have a slow connection or high data tariffs.

On the Citavi Welcome Screen, on the Gear menu, click Go offline.

Faster creation of archive copies

You can now choose to create archive copies of your cloud projects without attachments. This can save you a lot of time.

In a cloud project, on the File menu, click This projectArchive project without attachments.

Cloud project fair use indicator

You can save up to 5 GB of attachments per cloud project under our fair-use policy. 

In a cloud project, on the File menu, click This project > Properties > Attachments.

Time zones for international projects

Citavi projects contain many date fields. These help you see which team member created or changed a reference, knowledge item, or task and when they did so. Until now, Citavi would use the current time zone for date fields. International teams working in different time zones could not rely on these time indications. Citavi will now convert all the dates in your project to UTC format at a time of your choice.

The first time you open a Citavi project using the old format, Citavi will ask you to convert it.

Good to know: This change has no effect on how dates are displayed in your bibliography. Please see our manual for more details.

Additional Improvements

  • It's now possible to select multiple entries in lists (persons and organizations, periodicals, etc.) and drag them all to an entry to merge spelling variations.
  • You can now add a personal message to your invitations to cloud projects.
  • Improved handling of changes that Citavi could not save in the cloud due to possible cloud problems.
  • Citavi projects can now be used with SharePoint: URLs to attachments that are saved in SharePoint Online can now be opened in Citavi. In addition, SharePoint Online PDFs are now displayed correctly in the Citavi preview pane. Please see our manual chapter Citavi and Sharepoint for additional information.
  • Additional installation option for administrators: SkipLoginWindow [character string]. Entering the value "true" prevents the log in dialog from appearing when Citavi is started.
  • In Citavi for DBServer Manager you can now define the default path for project attachments when importing a local project under Actions > Database > Settings.
  • Improvements to Citavi's back office to better handle server usage peaks.
  • The Word Add-In is now digitally signed.

Resolved Bugs


  • Importing Citavi 5 projects failed if names of persons only differed due to spaces or non-breaking spaces.
  • If the same name was entered twice in an author field, Citavi would display the following message: "This list contains the name XY more than once. Is this correct?". However, clicking "No" did not delete the duplicate entry.
  • After restarting Citavi, the preview pane did not display the PDF where the user had left off.
  • If a PDF file was renamed in a cloud project the new name was not synchronized. Other team members continued to see the previous name.
  • The cloud synchronization destroyed task names with non-Roman characters.
  • Show all annotations did not work in full screen mode.
  • When copying a reference to another project with Copy & Paste, the links from knowledge items to the corresponding passage in the PDF were lost.
  • When using the feature Save as PDF the full short title was not used in the file name if it contained a period.
  • When using the full-text search, if a user clicked one of the results in the preview window, Citavi would crash without displaying an error message.
  • Citavi would sometimes not find a book when the ISBN was entered even if the same book could be found by searching for the same ISBN in the Advanced search .
  • ScienceDirect RSS feeds were not displayed on the Welcome Screen.
  • If a Word document contained a lot of references in its bibliography, the feature File > Import > Formatted bibliography would cause Citavi to crash.
  • Importing from Zotero BibTeX export files could lead to errors under certain circumstances.
  • Citavi would not retrieve bibliographic information for an eBook if the ISBN was not on the first four pages.
  • No full text could be found in ScienceDirect.
  • Exporting to the format BibLaTeX failed if the "Translator" field contained an entry.
  • When exporting to BibLaTex, the option Place capital letters in braces did not work for subtitles (BibLaTex: "booksubtitle") of parent references with the "Edited book" reference type.
  • When exporting to BibLaTex, journal article issue numbers were not exported to the BibTex field "number". Instead they were exported to the "issue" field.
  • Citavi converted an ampersand (&) in title fields into an HTML tag.
  • Links to PDF attachments were lost when changing upper/lower case in short titles.
  • Citavi deleted saved searches and grouping definitions in projects that were restored from a backup copy.
  • The categories of knowledge elements were not displayed in the preview for the Quotations & comments tab.
  • When copying a knowledge element to another project, the search in the Select Title dialog box (to which the knowledge element should be appended) did not work.
  • The Repair Paths feature did not work if the search string contained a backslash (\).


  • Citavi Cloud projects could not be opened from within the Word Add-In if Citavi was not already running.
  • It was possible to create multiple cloud project copies with the same name.
  • It was not possible to edit a previously created image quotation because the OK button was inactive and changes could not be saved.
  • When using the compilation feature with a cloud project, images from image quotations were not output in the compilation.
  • It was not possible to save an annotated project bibliography from a cloud project.
  • After uploading a local project to the cloud, the "Changed by/on" dates would change under certain circumstances.
  • Even if the chat window was active, Citavi would interpret the Delete key as "Delete reference".
  • In chats the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V caused the contents of the Clipboard to be inserted in the most recently used field in the project.
  • The name of a cloud project could be changed to the name of an already existing project creating duplicates.
  • The list of installed add-ons was empty when working offline.
  • Creating an archive copy without attachments of a cloud project resulted in a URI error during recovery.

Word Add-In

  • Automatic capitalization at the beginning of sentences in footnotes did not work with "ibid." or "idem" if there was a period between two citations in the same footnote.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Citavi Word Add-In would insert an additional paragraph after the first footnote.
  • Citavi did not delete unnecessary parentheses around the name of any organization if the abbreviation was not output as well.
  • Citavi Word Add-In fields inserted in tables could cause Word to crash.
  • In the Knowledge Organizer, if a knowledge item was moved within a category, the project had to be reloaded in the Word Add-In before the item was displayed in its new position.
  • Changes to the Citavi Bibliography Entry style sheet were not retained.
  • Citavis Word Add-in could not exactly detect the position of a previously cited title, so a rule was applied incorrectly.


  • Add-ons were not loaded if Citavi was started offline.
  • If the add-on feature Use PMID to update reference information was canceled, Citavi froze.
  • The add-on Send Reference by Email renamed the sent PDF files with their internal IDs instead of with their displayed names in Citavi.
  • The add-on Import sequence numbers displayed an error message.
  • When converting a Citavi 6 project to Citavi 5 using the Export to Citavi 5 add-on, the links between the knowledge items/tasks in the project and the annotations in the PDFs were lost.


  • The Adobe Picker did not transfer files to a cloud project if the option Copy PDF file to Citavi Attachments folder was not enabled.

Citavi for DBServer

  • The DBServer Manager crashed if the language was changed from German to English and then back to German within the same session.
  • Users or group names in Active Directory were not processed correctly if they contained brackets.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 9/13/2018

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