Citavi 6.12 Now Available

We've released an update to Citavi 6 (Citavi 6.12)

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall older versions of Citavi 6 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all Citavi 6 customers.


Citavi for Windows and Citavi Word Add-In

  • Enhanced Citavi to maintain data integrity when connectivity issues occur
  • Fixed signing in from Citavi desktop with Chrome browser
  • Improved Citavi to better update users when projects are offline
  • Licenses are now updated correctly on the Citavi Desktop Information screen
  • Fixed an issue that impacted the invitation of new and existing users to projects
  • Resolved access issues with local and cached cloud projects when not connected to the Citavi Cloud.
  • Resolved a PDF upload issue that affected some users
  • Addressed an issue to allow the installation of the latest Citavi version
  • Amendment to Word Add-In installer to changes made in MS Word to restore functionality

Citavi for DBServer

  • Fixed issues when projects loaded very slowly due to a large number of users registered on the database
  • Resolved an issue where per seat licenses were not available to local projects
  • Fixed an issue in the DB Server Manager where multiple error messages were triggered

Citavi Account

  • Display correctly the calculation of space used in the user’s Citavi account

Citavi Web and Citavi Assistant

  • Resolved an issue for users that were unable to open projects with Citavi Assistant.

Citavi Web and Account API

  • Fixed an issue for some customers so they can log into Citavi via Shibboleth.

Created by: – Published on: 5/16/2022

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