Citavi for Windows 6.18 Now Available

We have published an update to Citavi 6 (Citavi, release date 02/16/2024). We are pleased to present some improvements and invite you to install this update.

⚠️ The release from February 13, 2024 contained an unsigned version of the Citavi Word Add-In, which prevents the Add-In from running under certain circumstances. We ask all users who are on version to install this update.

If the update is not offered automatically, you can download the current setup at and install it directly. Your projects and settings will not be changed by the update.

ℹ️ It is usually not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6 before the update. However, if the update fails, you can safely uninstall the installed version, download the current setup at and install it directly. Again, your projects and settings will remain unaffected.

Improvements to the web page preview

  • The preview in Citavi 6 now uses the current web browser component of Windows 10 and 11, which means that all modern websites are now displayed correctly in the Citavi preview area.
  • The conversion of web pages to PDF documents has also been improved and now uses the same library as Microsoft Edge.

Further improvements

  • When inviting additional team members to cloud projects, the email and project role of all members is now displayed.
  • The program files and libraries are now signed with the current Lumivero certificate.
  • An error when opening "Citavi for DBServer" projects in connection with the "Reader" project role has been fixed.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 8/16/2023

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