Update to Citavi 6.10 Now Available

We just released an update to Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the bug fixes listed below.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall older versions of Citavi 6 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all Citavi 6 users.



  • New Citavi account login process in Citavi for Windows:
    Since Google no longer supports authentication via a browser control embedded in desktop applications, effective July 1, 2021, this will now be done via a separate browser window. All previous login options are available there, including authentication via Google. After logging in, please click the Open Citavi button in the separate browser window - then you can choose between the options Remember me on this computer or When exiting Citavi log out of account as usual. You can then close the separate browser window.
  • New NVivo Export: You can now export your literature data in Citavi in a format that allows you to import it into NVivo afterwards.
  • New NVivo Import: The reverse is also possible: Export your literature data in RIS format in NVivo and choose File > Import > NVivo in Citavi for Windows.

Citavi for DBServer

  • The Manage Licenses function is now also available to the User Administrator for assigning a per-seat license to a user.

Bug fixes


  • In the context of Onedrive, Citavi crashed when displaying a cover.
  • Full texts of journal articles from Wiley could not be found.

Word Add-In

  • The Word add-in now also runs with .NET 4.6.1 under Windows 7 - previously .NET 4.8 was required.
  • Hyphenation in Citavi references in text and footnotes no longer worked because the tag noProof was set.
  • After renaming a cloud project, the old name was still displayed in the task pane and the opened project was no longer recognized.

Citation-Style Editor

  • The Same as previous style setting did not work with name prefixes.

Known issues

  • The Adjust Scroll Speed add-on does not currently work. The scroll speed always remains the same.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 7/12/2021

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