Update to Citavi 6.3 Now Available

We just released an updated version of Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the new features and bug fixes listed below.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6.0 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all version 6 users.


  • The restoring of unsaved cloud information has been improved (for example, if the user's laptop suddenly shut down due to an empty battery).

Bug Fixes


  • If a PDF file was added by drag and drop, Citavi did not rename the short title.
  • The "Last modified" date in the project properties did not work for local projects.
  • Deleted keywords would reappear if they were selected in a PDF in the preview pane and then added with a right-click.
  • If a new quotation was added from the preview pane, Citavi ignored the reference's page numbering type.
  • In large projects it took too long to delete knowledge items and locations.
  • The Repair paths feature did not work the way it should have.
  • Citavi no longer worked if a Word document was displayed in the preview pane.
  • When restoring a project from a backup copy (.ctv6bak) the created and modified information for the references and knowledge items changed.
  • After correcting the timezone in an old Citavi project the due dates on the Task tab were not displayed correctly.
  • The Delete key did not work in the search for recent changes.


  • On the Welcome Screen it was possible to change the name of a cloud project so that it had the exact same name as an already existing project.
  • The list of installed add-ons was empty when working offline.
  • If an archive copy without attachments was created from a cloud project, it led to a URI error when it was restored.
  • In Cloud projects the link "Resend invitation" could not be clicked.

Picker Family

  • The Picker for Internet Explorer was not installed correctly under certain circumstances.

Word Add-In

  • The name of an editor was not correctly replaced with "ders." or "dies." when it should have been according to the rules of certain German-language citation styles.
  • Inserting knowledge items in Word could lead to an error message and the citation not being inserted.
  • If a Word document was converted from Citavi 5 format to Citavi 6 format, the bibliography was not visible right away if track changes were enabled and if additional text appeared after the bibliography.
  • Converting content controls to text led to the error message "The given path's format is not supported" if the Word document was saved in OneDrive.
  • The loader for the Word Add-In was also loaded in Excel.
  • The option "Edit in Citavi" was no longer displayed for knowledge items.

Citavi for DBServer

  • New users were not added correctly if the SQL Server database was saved on Microsoft Azure.
  • An SQL user with the permission "Can manage users" did not have high enough permissions to manage or add users.
  • References could not be deleted if the project name contained a space.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 1/10/2019

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