Update to Citavi 6.4 Now Available

We just released an updated version of Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the new features and bug fixes listed below.

System administrators in organizations should first check the new Firewall settings before distributing the update to make sure that users can still access cloud projects.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6.0 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all version 6 users.

New Features

  • New Pickers for Firefox and Chrome. This video shows you how they work.
  • In the Citavi Word Add-In you now can create a bibliography for each chapter. If you want, you can create an additional bibliography for the whole document, too. This video shows how.
  • Citavi can now also search the full-text of all ePub files that were uploaded to a cloud project as an attachment.
  • Citavi now uses Ably instead of Signal-R for communication between Citavi clients and the Citavi cloud.


Add-In for Word

  • It's now possible to turn field shading on and off on the View menu in the Citavi pane.This lets you better see where Citavi fields are, so you don't accidentally make changes to them.
  • In the Citavi Word Add-In you can now add non-breaking spaces to the fields "Page range", "Prefix", and "Suffix". Press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar to enter the non-breaking spaces.

Cloud projects

  • Synchronization of categories in cloud projects has been improved.
  • Quick search is now faster. To make this possible, the parallel search in full-text PDF articles has been removed. If you want to search your PDF files, use the search shortcut "ft:" or the Advanced search.
  • The .changemap file which is used for backups (see manual) is now saved in %localappdata%\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Temp instead of %localappdata%\Temp\Swiss Academic Software. This keeps the backup copy from being accidentally deleted by CCleaner, TuneUp, and other similar tools.


  • Word files are displayed again in the Citavi preview.
  • The duplicate control was refined to reduce the number of false positives.
  • It's no longer possible to insert images copied to the Clipboard into a text quotation. We've removed this possibility, since large embedded images have prevented projects from being saved in the cloud in the past. If you want to save an image as an quotation, you can use the Image quotation feature.
  • The Recycle bin can now hold 250 elements instead of 50.
  • In the Periodicals list you can now search for an ISSN over the search field.
  • In the Periodicals list you can now search for information in the Notes field.

Bug Fixes


  • Citavi only: Citavi could not find the path to user files if it had been saved as a UNC path, for example, when using Citavi on a Mac with Parallels.
  • If list entries in a Citavi cloud project were edited during an offline session, and if Citavi wasn't closed normally, an error could occur while saving (Foreign Key Exception) during the synchronization of the Changemap file.
  • Citavi could not upload a local project to the cloud if it contained a duplicate list entry that was created with Citavi 3 or 4 and that contained a non-breaking space.
  • Under certain circumstances, the automatic repair of data inconsistencies in local projects failed.
  • Importing an EndNote database would fail if a reference with the "Personal Communication" reference type had an entry in the "Description" field.
  • Scanned PDFs that were compressed sometimes had characters that were replaced with other characters.When duplicating titles using the "Title" > "Duplicate" command, the attachments were not duplicated for local projects.
  • When a deleted title with attachment was restored from the Recycle Bin, the attachment remained in the Recycle Bin folder.
  • When a deleted title was restored from the Recycle Bin, existing reciprocal links would sometimes multiply.
  • Under certain circumstances, when moving a title from a cloud project to another cloud project, attachments and covers were lost.
  • Under certain circumstances, research results could not be transferred to the project under the Spanish program interface.
  • A saved search query was unintentionally overwritten.
  • If the corresponding parent work had already been recorded mistakenly as a monograph during import via DOI, the import failed.
  • Opening a project in Citavi could fail with the error that the Word Interop.dll could not be loaded.
  • Under certain circumstances, a local backup file could not be used to restore a local project.
  • When a knowledge item was edited, its creation date also changed.
  • When using the filter to display quoted references, Citavi displayed references that were cited in multiple documents, even if the documents were closed.
  • In cloud projects if the connection to the cloud was interrupted, the "Quick search" no longer worked.
  • When exporting annotations, the bibliographic metadata were not written to the PDF file.
  • When customizing the BibTeX export, the fields "Subtitle" and "Title supplement" appeared in gray.
  • In the "Search and Replace" window, if an asterisk was used, two entries would appear in the field searched.
  • The search for recently changed knowledge items returned false hits because the "Last modified" date for the reference as a whole was also taken into consideration.
  • Full-text articles from ScienceDirect could no longer be found.
  • Category names containing numbers could not be correctly found using the "Go to" search box.
  • A project bibliography for a selection of references that was grouped by categories contained either too many or too few categories.
  • When restoring unsaved changes using a Changemap file, category associations were not restored correctly.
  • When creating a project copy, the information on which of the attachments was the main document was lost.
  • Duplicating a reference with an attachment led to the creation of an empty location.
  • BibTeX keys could not be changed if references were duplicated.
  • After converting a local project to a cloud project, the temporarily moved PDFs were not deleted.
  • The last changes made to a cloud project were deleted if the user logged out of Citavi while working in offline mode.
  • The automatic annotation export led to an error in the PDFTron component.
  • Exported RIS files contained invalid hyperlinks to attachments that were in a cloud project and not yet saved locally.
  • Metadata from PDF files was not imported fully if the document came from the IEEE database.
  • During a PDF import, Citavi could not recognize the DOI name if it was in square brackets.
  • In a complex category system, the grouping by category did not work correctly.
  • The "More" dialog on the Welcome Screen was not displayed if the window was displayed in full screen mode.
  • After Citavi was restarted, cloud projects no longer appeared in the list of recently opened projects.
  • Local projects that were set as read-only in Windows could not be opened.
  • The use of asterisks while searching "Thoughts" did not work correctly.
  • If a PDF file was password-protected, the Citavi preview displayed an incorrect error message that the file was potentially corrupted.
  • Saving a copy of a GitHub page as a PDF led to a black PDF.
  • The Citavi preview could no longer display the content of a Word file during a session if previously a password-protected Word file was opened in the preview
  • The feature "Remove formatting" inserted an extra space at the end of the text.
  • The manual sorting of knowledge items was reset each time Citavi was restarted.
  • If the UI was displayed in Polish, the search for a new citation style did not display any results.
  • The path to local attachments did not work properly if an environment variable for a Onedrive, Dropbox or other cloud drive folder was used.

Picker Family

  • The Setup created an incorrect registry value for the Adobe Picker.

Word Add-In

  • When inserting sources in Word, the error message "Object variable or With block variable not set" could occur if the option "Typing replaces selected text" was active in Word at the same time.
  • An entry in the field "Suffix" could not be saved when there was already an entry in the field "Prefix".
  • The green checkmark before an inserted knowledge element did not disappear when the Undo command was run in Word after insertion via Citavi's Word Add-in.
  • If the "Save reference information in document" option was disabled, the links between inserted sources and the project were lost when the cited reference was copied into another project.
  • If a quotation (Text and citation) was inserted into an existing footnote, the wrong Word style was applied and manual formatting changes to the quotation text were lost.
  • If a reference or knowledge item was inserted, the option "Format as follows" was selected by default instead of "Format according to citation style".
  • The contents of the fields "Additions", "Affiliation", and "Notes" couldn't be output to the Word Add-In.
  • Under certain circumstances, Word would restart if a Word document that was created with the Citavi Word Add-In was closed.
  • The Word Add-In did not create backup copies of Word documents saved in OneDrive.
  • The automatic suppression of "ibid" on a new page was ignored if the new page was created by a paragraph change with an empty page .
  • In a Word file with more than 3,000 footnotes, Citavi would throw a VBA error.
  • Changes to the hanging index in the Word style "Citavi Bibliography Entry" were not saved.

Citation Style Editor

  • In reference number citation styles in multiple citations, if multiple numbers were summarized in one, the open parenthesis was no longer displayed.
  • For multiple citations containing works written by the same author in the same year, author suppression, for example "(Miller 2019a; 2019b)" did not work if the letter had been added as a separate component in the corresponding template.
  • "Hanging indent" settings were not applied to the bibliography.
  • The option "Allow for word wrapping of long web addresses" led to the URL being shortened incorrectly.
  • Built-in conditions that were based on the position of a single citation within a multiple citation did not work correctly.
  • Disambiguation rules caused "et al" to appear even if only one author was replaced in an ambiguous multiple-author citation.
  • Multiple citations containing the same author did not suppress the author name if a component containing the elements "Original publication" and "Year derived" was used.
  • If the "[In Press]" placeholder was used, disambiguation rules were not applied.
  • Name ambiguity checks were optimized through additional attributes to better adhere to APA rules for the addition of initials and first names.

Citavi for DBServer

  • Under certain circumstances on an SQL Server, existing SQL logins did not appear in the selection window when adding users.
  • Newly added DBServer projects with names beginning with "Sys" were not displayed in DBServer Manager.
  • Projects could not be created or imported if the name of the DBServer project contained at least one space.
  • Some character strings that were set in the AdminSettings for the DBServerConnectionString were not recognized when Citavi DBServer Manager was started.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 2/27/2020

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