Update to Citavi 6.6 Now Available

We just released an update to Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the new features and bug fixes listed below.

If you receive an error message when starting Citavi, install any missing Windows updates by following this guide from Windows.
System administrators in organizations should first check the new Firewall settings before distributing the update to make sure that users can still access cloud projects.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6.0 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all Citavi 6 users.

New Features and Improvements


  • The feature “Send support information” now checks for common Word Add-In installation problems.
  • For the “Patent” reference type, the duplicate recognition now checks whether the field “Number” is the same.

Citavi for DBServer

  • It’s now easier to create new Citavi for DBServer projects.

Bug Fixes


  • When importing PDF files in a local project, the option “Rename with Citavi short title” did not work.
  • PDF annotations created with Microsoft Edge could not be added.
  • Citavi froze if a Word file was added as an attachment to a reference and the preview pane was active.
  • Citavi froze if the search was open in the preview pane and the user switched to another reference.
  • Citavi slowed down if the “Show all annotations” option was enabled.
  • Citavi slowed down if the “Always save Citavi annotations in the PDF file as well” option was enabled and the attachments were saved in a OneDrive folder.
  • During an offline session, if a quotation or task was added to a reference and the reference was then deleted, changes made during the offline session were not changed and the user was not notified.
  • Creating a an annotated bibliography with a selection of quotations could lead an error message to occur.
  • Entering characters with Alt+[numbers] did not work in formattable text fields.
  • Under certain circumstances, when saving a local copy of a cloud project, knowledge items lost their category information.

Word Add-In

  • The feature “Show knowledge item in document” did not work if only the citation had been inserted.

Citavi for DBServer

  • When switching between multiple database connections, the view was not updated correctly.
  • The list of team members was not displayed correctly in DBServer projects that used an SQL Azure database.


  • The Firefox Picker would not install for the 64-bit version of Firefox ESR.

Please note: Password-protected team projects created with Citavi 3 or Citavi 4 can no longer be directly migrated to Citavi 6.5. The password protection needs to be removed in Citavi 3 or 4 before the migration.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 9/29/2020

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