Update to Citavi 6.7 Now Available

We just released an update to Citavi 6 (Citavi We encourage you to install this version so you can take full advantage of the bug fixes listed below.

If you receive an error message when starting Citavi, install any missing Windows updates by following this guide from Windows.
System administrators in organizations should first check the new Firewall settings before distributing the update to make sure that users can still access cloud projects.

If an update notification does not appear automatically in Citavi, you can download and install the Setup at https://www.citavi.com/download. Your Citavi projects and settings will not be affected by the update, and it's not necessary to uninstall Citavi 6.0 before installing the update.

As always, this is a free update for all Citavi 6 users.

Bug fixes


  • In rare cases an error while saving (Error C406) could occur in cloud projects.
  • Citavi no longer found open access articles in ScienceDirect.
  • Citavi interpreted “Li” as a prefix rather than as a family name.
  • If a local project was created from an archive copy, Citavi did not copy all of the PDF files from the archive copy to the Citavi Attachments folder if a PDF file had too long of a file name.
  • In the “Remember me on this computer” window, the “Next” button was located outside of the visible area for people with vision impairments.

Word Add-In

  • In rare cases the Citavi Word Add-In could not load cloud projects.

Citavi for DBServer

  • Running the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Citavi 6\bin\SQL Server Express for Citavi Setup.exe caused an error to occur

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 10/29/2020

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