Updates and Citavi 6.14 is here!

Citavi Web and Assistant

  • Fixed ‘Keywords’ search functionality in the Knowledge tab.
  • Updated PDFTron component for PDF viewer functionality.
  • Improved in-app access to contact customer support.

Citavi Desktop (6.14)

  • Resolved an issue with Category System export where unintended page breaks were introduced in the exported word document.
  • The Reference search - Text from Clipboard option has been improved to accurately search and display results for ISBNs, DOIs, or other ID.
  • License details are improved to display up-to-date information.
  • Updated PDFTron component for PDF viewer functionality.

Citavi Word Add-In

  • Fixed an issue where the footnote style formats were incorrectly (missing period at the end) inserted into the word document.
  • Resolved a page range discrepancy when switching from Citavi Assistant to Word Add-in.

Created by: – Published on: 7/14/2022

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