The (academic) messy middle

Does it feel like there's no end in sight to this semester? That's because you're smack dab in "the messy middle". Also known as "the mid-semester slump" or "mid-semester blues", our latest blog post examines this phenomenon and offers some tips to help keep you moving forwards.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 11/5/2019
Tags: Beginning students Graduate students Good to know

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What is open science?

Magicians never reveal their tricks, but for academics it's a different matter. They can and should reveal how they reached their conclusions!
The open science movement takes this transparency one step further by helping make knowledge directly accessible to the public.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 10/22/2019
Tags: Good to know

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Show your readers the way

Can you imagine going on a hike with no signs to guide you? You'd likely feel a bit lost.
It's the same for the readers of your thesis if you don't include some common "signposts" to help guide them in – and back out – of your writing.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 10/8/2019

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The outline

Like an itinerary for a vacation, the humble outline can help keep you from meandering off course and wasting valuable time – whether you have a two-page essay or a dissertation ahead of you.

Learn how you can use outlines throughout your writing process and which apps can help in our latest blog post.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 9/24/2019
Tags: Writing tips

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Make this your year

A new academic year is a great chance to say goodbye to the bad habits that may have plagued you in the past and start developing good ones to help you succeed.

We’ve culled some of our top learning and productivity tips from past blog posts to help you hit the ground running. Whether you’re a first-year student or a seasoned professor, we're confident you’ll find some strategies you can use to make this your best year yet.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 9/10/2019
Tags: Time management Writing tips Reading tips Good to know Beginning students Graduate students

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Channel your inner librarian

Librarians are experts at identifying and describing sources. Take a cue from them when adding items to your reference management software! Our latest blog post shows you how to add difficult reference types using examples from Citavi.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 8/27/2019
Tags: Citation Reference management

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How to select a reference management program

It’s not easy to find just one pair of shoes that’s right for every occasion. The same is true for reference management software – one size does not fit all. To help, we've compiled a list of nine questions you can ask yourself to find the best possible software for your needs.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 7/2/2019
Tags: Good to know Reference management

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Three studying tips

Want to stop pulling all-nighters right before your exam? In our latest blog post, we share three tips for how you can study more effectively throughout the semester, remember information better long-term, and be less stressed going into your test.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 6/4/2019
Tags: Beginning students Task management Good to know

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Predatory publishers and journals

It's every new academic's dream: an offer to have their work published as a book or journal article. However, some offers are too good to be true. Our latest blog post takes an in-depth look at predatory publishers and their tactics.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 5/7/2019
Tags: Good to know

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The open access premise

The open access publication model promises a piece of the pie for everyone. But how does this differ from the traditional academic publication process? And what's behind some of the recent publisher boycotts by large university systems? Read our latest blog post to find out.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 4/9/2019

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Bibliography hacking

Do you often feel like you’re searching for sources in the all the wrong places? Or maybe you’ve been able to locate one or two relevant sources but are struggling to find additional ones? If so, give the bibliography hacking method a try! 

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 3/26/2019
Tags: Finding sources Graduate students

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Head in the cloud?

Online tools let you work on your own projects and collaborate with others anywhere there's an internet connection. To help you get a better feel for what's out there, we've described some of the different categories of tools in our latest post. We've gathered up some old favorites and fresh faces, so take a look and see if there's a cloud tool that might help your workflow.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 3/12/2019
Tags: Workflow

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What's a peer-reviewed journal article?

Did you just get assigned your very first research paper and are wondering about the requirement to use “peer-reviewed” journal articles? Learn what peer-reviewed journal articles are and where to find them in our latest blog post.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 2/26/2019
Tags: Beginning students

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