Saving Webpages Long-Term

Website content can change frequently, but what if you need to cite online sources in your thesis? How can you be sure the information will still be available five months from now? In this blog post we offer some tips for keeping the contents of the webpages you check secure so that you'll always be able to refer back to the source for your citations.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 10/9/2018
Tags: Beginning students Citation

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Help for Hoarders

When you start a project, it's easy to go nuts and squirrel away every potentially useful source in your reference management program. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we recommend three steps for gaining control of your stockpile: collect, select, and inspect.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 9/25/2018
Tags: Workflow Beginning students Reference management

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The Final Polish

If you want your thesis to really shine, it's a good idea to have another person proofread or copyedit it. But what's the difference between proofreading and copyediting, anyway? Should you hire a freelancer or agency? And, is it academically dishonest to use a copyeditor?

Our latest blog post looks at all these questions and more.

Created by: – Published on: 9/10/2018
Tags: Graduate students Writing tips

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From Master's Thesis to New Job

Want to work on a thesis with a company but scared to contact them and not sure where to start? Our support team member Jana shares her experiences writing a thesis for a company and how it continues to help her in her job today.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 8/13/2018
Tags: Writing

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