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Peter Meurer

Peter Meurer

Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz

Patrick Hilt

Patrick Hilt


Jana Votteler

Jana Votteler

Ellen Hinrichsen

Ellen Hinrichsen

Sebastian Pabel

Sebastian Pabel

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If You're Just Beginning
to Use Citavi

Getting Started Guide

In this four-page PDF you can quickly get acquainted with Citavi's main features.


Mastering Citavi

Take part in a crash course on Citavi in a series of eight emails.



Slideshows show you the most frequently used features in a series of screenshots.



We've answered a selection of support questions in video format on our YouTube channel.



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If You Want to Get to Know Citavi Better

Site Search

Use our search feature to find information on our website, in the manual, in our forum and in the FAQs.


User Manual

In our user manual, you'll find a detailed explanation of Citavi's many features.



If something doesn't go as is expected, this is the first place to look for a solution.



In our user forum you can find answers to other users' questions. Often these include step-by-step instructions and screenshots. Questions can be basic, but you will also find more unusual queries. You can ask a question here as well.



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If You Can't Find an Answer in the Manual, Forum, or Knowledge Base

Send us a Message

Registered users can receive personal email support from our team.



On weekdays our support team is standing by to help you from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Switzerland time. Complicated questions (such as those involving citation styles) usually take much longer to answer in a chat. Please submit these questions to us either in the forum or through the Help Desk.


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If Something is Missing from Your Life

Request a Citation Style

We'll create citation styles for you using the style guidelines provided by a journal or publishing house.


Wish List

Let us know what you'd like to see added to Citavi in future versions.


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If You Want to Keep up to Date

Email Newsletter

A summary of our most important goings-on is sent out a few times a year in our newsletter.



On Facebook we share interesting questions and tips — as well as some of the news from around our water cooler.



You'll find time-sensitive information on Twitter.


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If You Teach Citavi Courses

You're welcome to customize the following presentations for your own courses. View our screenshot series for additional inspiration.


A Short Introduction to Citavi (PPTX, 13 slides)

Citavi 4 Introductory Course (PPTX, 57 slides)


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