Analyze and Evaluate Texts


  • Read PDFs and use Citavi's annotation tools to highlight important sections and save them for additional work in Citavi.
  • Citavi fits all reading styles: you can minutely analyze and comment on the text – or quickly highlight the most important sections. It's up to you!
  • Just click to jump from the text you saved to its original location in the PDF.
  • Keep track of connections between references, for example, if one source reviews, criticizes, or responds to another.
  • Last, but not least: when what you read sparks a new idea, save it in Citavi. One click, and then you'll never forget it.

Avoid Plagiarism

  • All quotations, comments, and summaries automatically include their source information.
  • Citavi protects you from unintentional plagiarism.

Postpone or Delegate work

  • You can't always do everything right away. Create tasks for text passages that you need to take care of later (for example, "fact check" or "go through bibliography").
  • Assign tasks within a team and delegate work to others.

Keywords, Categories, Evaluations

  • Keywords are often added automatically after an import. If you don't want them, disable the option and create your own keyword system.
  • Citavi's hierarchical category system is perfect for organizing references, quotations, and thoughts into sections for a future paper.
  • Write up a detailed evaluation for your references or quickly rate them with stars.

Search Full Text and Project Information

  • Search your PDF full text to find text passages and discover connections.
  • Use Citavi's Quick Search to locate project information, references, quotations, etc.
  • Use Citavi's Advanced Search to combine terms with AND, OR, NOT, >, <, and to truncate terms with the placeholders ? and *.

Select and Group References

  • Create temporary selections using labels and Citavi's built-in filters (by year, periodical, publisher, etc.). Or define and save your own filter.
  • Create special reference groupings – for example, for a one-time presentation or for a bibliography grouped by primary and secondary sources.

Work Sustainably

  • Save what's important to you in Citavi and continually add to your own personal knowledge database.
  • This is helpful for current projects and your future work.