Structure Ideas

Structure Your Writing Project Ahead of Time

  • In addition to keywords and groups, Citavi offers you an extraordinary knowledge tool: a flexible, multi-level category system.
  • With Citavi's categories you can create systematic outlines with as many subcategories and levels of subcategories as you want.
  • Categories make it easy to structure research proposals and publications, and they are especially useful for outlining a research paper, thesis, or dissertation.
  • No more writers' block if you do things the Citavi way.

Develop Your Outline

  • Create a preliminary outline for your writing project with Citavi's category system.
  • Refine the category system as your project progresses, and change the order and names of each section.
  • Export your preliminary outline to Microsoft Word and get feedback from your colleagues or advisor.

Add Quotations, Thoughts, etc. to Your Outline

  • Add quotations, comments, thoughts, etc. to the chapters, sections, and subsections in your outline.
  • Whenever you move a section, all your knowledge items go along.

Add New Ideas

  • Ideas come unexpectedly. Insert thoughts, section drafts, or photos of hand-drawn diagrams into your outline.
  • Just click the "Thought" button, which you can find in the toolbar in all three Citavi workspaces.

Find the Thrust of Your Argument

  • With Citavi you can structure your paper step by step.
  • Bring all of your saved quotations and thoughts into the correct order, paragraph by paragraph and exactly how you want to use them later when writing. Easily move them around with your mouse.
  • Create subheadings (for example, "Definition", "Argument", "Counter-Argument", "Criticism", etc.) to further refine your outline.

Generate a Rough Draft

  • With a single click, export your outline along with all your quotations and thoughts to Microsoft Word. Citavi automatically adds citations and a bibliography using the citation style you selected.
  • This gives you a quick overview of how far along you are in your project and can also serve as your first rough draft.