Plan and Organize

Plan Tasks and Keep Track of Deadlines

  • Keep track of important project deadlines.
  • Add tasks to references, for example, for checking out and returning books.
  • Add tasks to text passages, for example, to discuss a finding with your team members or if you want to fact check a particular claim.
  • Print a task list, for example, with books sorted by call number to save time during trips to the library.
  • Delegate tasks within your team and keep track of progress.

Customize Citavi

  • Many organizations and universities have special needs. Administrators can define important settings before making the program available to users with a software distribution system.
  • Switch between English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish interfaces.
  • Select from 11 included language dictionaries and add additional ones at no cost.
  • Choose where you want Citavi to save backups of local projects and copies of Word documents that you created with Citavi's Word Add-In.

Reach Out to Your Users

  • Universities with site licenses can display notifications to their users directly in Citavi. This can be useful for letting users know which settings are recommended or for promoting Citavi courses.
  • All notifications will only be visible to members of the campus community and will appear on Citavi's Welcome Screen.

Copy and Export Information

  • Copy references with all attachments, annotations, quotations, and comments in another Citavi project to continue working with them there.
  • Copy or move local and DBServer projects to the cloud. Transfer cloud projects to your own computer or server.
  • Export project contents in any of the standard formats for bibliographic information, such as RIS, BibTeX, or ENW. Or export them in an Excel file. This makes it easy for users of other programs to import and add your information.

Get up to Speed

  • Use our training materials to quickly learn how to use Citavi. In-program, context-sensitive help texts are available in seven languages. Videos, manuals, and introductory guides are available in English and German with some materials in Spanish as well.
  • If you still aren't getting anywhere, just contact us! Citavi is well-known for fast and friendly support.