Citavi Beta 6.4.5 Now Available

A new Citavi 6 beta version is now available for testing.


  • The Citavi Picker can now be used in Microsoft Edge.
  • It’s now possible to find the full text of ebooks you added to your project with the DOI name.
  • Data from an EndNote Traveling Library can now be imported.

Bug fixes


  • Databases created with Endnote X9.3 can be imported again.
  • The Picker supports repositories created with Dspace.
  • When importing from Excel, cells formatted as dates were not imported correctly.
  • When importing PDFs, the ISBN could not be read from the file name.
  • Citavi assigned the incorrect reference type to some references with DataCite DOIs.
  • When copying references to another Citavi project via the Clipboard, all references were labeled as duplicates.

Cloud projects

  • Improvements for working offline and in unstable networks.
  • Improvements for data synchronization during teamwork.
  • Under certain circumstances, Citavi did not recognize when the user had ended an offline session.
  • Under Windows 8.1 Citavi did not show cloud projects that the user had been invited to join.
  • Under certain circumstances restoring deleted elements from the recycle bin could cause an error to occur.

Local projects

  • After creating a project copy using the option “Save a copy of this project” the sorting of knowledge items in categories and keywords was lost.
  • Under certain circumstances after using the “Save a copy of this project” or “Archive project” commands PDFs were moved instead of copied.
  • When opening an archived copy of a project, the admin setting "SharedAttachmentsFolder" was ignored.
  • After a project was repaired due to database inconsistencies, the due date for tasks was replaced with the date of the repair.


  • Creating a PDF copy in the preview pane has been improved.
  • The size of the bookmark view from PDFs in the preview pane can now be changed.
  • On the “Quotations & comments” tab, Citavi would only show the formatting of knowledge items if the position of the preview window was changed.

Word Add-In

  • The digital certificate for the document template for the Word Add-In had expired.
  • The Citavi Word Add-In was not loaded if the document was visible in the Window file manager preview.
  • Under certain circumstances the Citavi Pane did not update right away if changes were made in the project assigned to the document.
  • Under certain circumstances, the width of the Citavi Pane would reduce each time Word was restarted.
  • SVG files could not be added as an image quotation in the Word Add-In.
  • The Word Add-In did not retain italic formatting in knowledge items.
  • The Word Add-In did not retain hyphens in lists in knowledge items.
  • Under certain circumstances hyphens between first and middle names could cause an error to occur.
  • The undo feature when working with chapter bibliographies has been improved.

DBServer Manager

  • The DBServer Manager now has better performance.
  • Creating error logs with the "/log" option no longer worked.

Citation Style Editor

  • Settings for the “column” page type were not saved. In addition, settings for column suffixes and margin note prefixes overwrote each other.
  • Letters were added to distinguish two references by the same team of authors even when they already differed due to the presence of “et al.”


Password-protected team projects created with Citavi 3 or Citavi 4 can no longer be directly migrated to Citavi 6.5. The password protection needs to be removed in Citavi 3 or 4 before the migration.

Created by: Citavi Team – Published on: 6/30/2020

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