Get it from the source

We all know how our words can get taken out of context when what we say is told to someone else. Just like you don't want to spread gossip in your personal life, you also don't want to misrepresent the ideas in the sources you cite. Usually, you can double check your source to make sure that you have accurately written about the author’s ideas. But what do you do if you don’t have the original source but just a quotation from another author?

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 12/4/2018

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Get the Gist

Summarizing is a skill we do intuitively all the time in daily life – just think how often you've told someone about an entire vacation in only a few sentences.

So, why can it seem so difficult when you’re forced to do it in an academic context? Our latest blog post examines the summary in more detail and offers tips for how you can use summarizing techniques to better understand difficult texts.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 11/6/2018
Tags: Writing tips Workflow

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Getting Your Papers under Control

Are your stacks of papers and books growing at such an alarming rate that you're worried about being buried alive by them if they ever topple over? Find out what's causing this to happen and (finally!) de-clutter your desk.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 10/17/2018
Tags: Time management Workflow

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Saving Webpages Long-Term

Website content can change frequently, but what if you need to cite online sources in your thesis? How can you be sure the information will still be available five months from now? In this blog post we offer some tips for keeping the contents of the webpages you check secure so that you'll always be able to refer back to the source for your citations.

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 10/9/2018
Tags: Beginning students Citation

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