Focus, please!

Find it hard to focus on your academic work when your phone is on your desk? You're not alone! Our latest blog post looks at how smartphones can distract you and offers some tips on how to concentrate when performing tasks in your reference management software.

Created by: Jennifer Schultz – Published on: 1/29/2019
Tags: Time management Task management

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What type of source is this anyway?!

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what type of source you have and how to enter it in your reference management program. Read on for our tips for recognizing, adding, and citing different source types in Citavi.

Created by: – Published on: 1/15/2019

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Get it from the source

We all know how our words can get taken out of context when what we say is told to someone else. Just like you don't want to spread gossip in your personal life, you also don't want to misrepresent the ideas in the sources you cite. Usually, you can double check your source to make sure that you have accurately written about the author’s ideas. But what do you do if you don’t have the original source but just a quotation from another author?

Created by: Jana Votteler – Published on: 12/4/2018

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